Ad Valorem insurance

Your transport in all serenity thanks to the OVRSEA - AXA insurance

What is Ad Valorem insurance?

Ad valorem insurance is an additional insurance policy taken out for each shipment, the price of which depends on the value of your goods. It allows compensation for the low legal indemnities in case of transport disputes.

Why take out Ad Valorem insurance?

Breakage of loads, weather conditions, multiple players... During international transport, the journey is long and the risks are numerous. OVRSEA recommends that you take out Ad Valorem insurance, which gives you total peace of mind in the event of a claim.

The Ad Valorem insurance allows you to be compensated up to the value of the goods, automatically, and whatever the cause of the damage. (see specific details in the GTC).

Advantages of OVRSEA - AXA Ad Valorem insurance

Compensation for the value of the goods

Ad Valorem insurance offers you compensation for the actual value of your goods, not the carrier's legal limit.


Ad Valorem insurance allows you to be compensated automatically, without having to go through complex administrative procedures.

Whatever the loss

Ad Valorem insurance covers almost all causes of loss. Without it, there are cases where no compensation will be possible. To know the details, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I don't have Ad Valorem insurance?

Of course, compensation is available if something happens to your goods in transit. They are however limited to ceilings depending on the means of transport and the weight of your goods:

National road transport
+ 3 tons20 euros per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods for each of the objects included in the shipment, without being able to exceed, per shipment, a sum greater than the product of the gross weight of the shipment expressed in tons multiplied by 3,200 euros.The smaller of the 2 amounts is taken into account.
+ 3 tonnes20 euros par kilogramme de poids brut de marchandises manquantes ou avariées pour chacun des objets compris dans l’envoi, sans pouvoir dépasser, par envoi, une somme supérieure au produit du poids brut de l’envoi exprimé en tonnes multiplié par 3 200 euros.C’est la plus petite des 2 sommes qui est prise en compte.
National Road (UTI)Compensation not exceeding the sum of 2,875 euros.This is in addition to the damage/loss compensation.
International transport
International roads8.33 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.
Air19 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.
Maritime666.67 SDR per package/unit or 2 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.The greater of the 2 amounts is taken into account

* SDR: Special Drawing Right, an international reserve asset based on a basket of international currencies. Currently, 1 SDR = €1.19.


A company exports a container with 90,000 euros of goods, divided into 50 packages, weighing 5400kg. The container is lost at sea.
Without Ad valorem insurance, the compensation will be 50 x 666.67 SDR = 33 334€.
With the Ad valorem insurance, the compensation will be 90 000€.
For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions or contact us directly.


What goods are covered by AXA?

Goods, new or used, shipped in appropriate and customary packaging by air, sea and/or land are covered.
However, the following goods are excluded

- goods that are the subject of prohibited or clandestine trade,
- goods of great value (e.g. jewelry, furs, precious stones, works of art, etc.)
- payment media (e.g. bank cards, bank bills, etc.)
- goods transported in bags or in bulk, perishable foodstuffs and products
- live animals, motor vehicles and personal effects of the insured.

More information in the general conditions, Article 2.3.3)

For what value?

The value of your goods is insured, without deductible, under the following conditions: For new insured goods: invoice value of the goods purchased or sold up to 100 000€.
On used insured goods : Invoice value of the original sale up to 100 000€, depreciation deducted.

- less than 2 years old: replacement value - 10
- between 2 and - 3 years old: new value - 20
- between 3 and - 4 years old : new value - 30
- between 4 and 5 years old : new value - 40
- between 5 and 10 years old : - 50
- more than 10 years old : no guarantee possible

What is not covered by AXA insurance?

Are excluded from the insurance:
- Transportation to or from, including in transit through the following countries:

CIS*, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and all points within (more than 100 km from the port or airport of origin or destination) the countries of the African continent, with the exception of countries bordering the Mediterranean. More information in the special conditions, covered trips.

- Other cases provided for in the general conditions of the insurance contract (e.g.: Civil or foreign war, act of piracy, seizure by government authorities...). More information in the general conditions, Article 2.3.2.

* Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

What should I do in case of an incident ?

In case of an incident, please provide yourself with supporting documents (purchase and transport invoice) and then contact the MERESSE - GADROY - BRETEAU agency which will deal with your claim.

Meresse - Gadroy - Breteau Agency
Roissypôle - Aeronef Building
5 rue de Copenhague BP 13918 - Tremblay en France
03 44 20 20 20

What do I have to do to benefit from Ad Valorem insurance?

It is very simple! At the time of your quotation request, or your transport request, you check the box "I wish to subscribe to an insurance".
You inform us of the real value of your goods and we will incorporate it into the price of your transport.

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